Dad’s xiaomi mi4i

Today morning, I helped Jeslyn to fix her bug. She wants to have two version of jQuery for different part of code in her website, so I use a noconflict solution. It is great to help a senior on a task. Then, I went out with Alvin and Jason to Mediaprima to do a demo for sitefinity website. Mediaprima is a building at TV3 Bandar Utama, it houses One Fm, and some TV channels. After the demo, Jason informed me that with Sitefinity, I can go to big companies. Also, he reminded me not to use phone during meeting as he saw me used it just now at demo.

Then, we ate chicken rice as lunch. Jason shared that he has a new album, an EP, a song, and he will be having press conference. He has a band, and he is one of the basist, cool. After lunch, I deploy the copilot website. Jason asks me to learn phonegap. Jason bought Jeslyn, Yvonne, and me ice cream. I researched on the travelsmarter theme. Somehow watching ear wax removal videos on Youtube looks relaxing. It must feel so good having that much ear wax gets cleaned.

At the gym, I burnt 400 calorie. The collar Padini shirt that I bought looks nice. I did 60 minutes treadmill or cycle each time. I found a way to count the time instead of the timer. I can use songs, each song lasting 4 minutes, so I listen to 15 songs = 1 hour workout. Ashley is sick today, so I bought a chattime for her. At home, my dad’s xiaomi mi4i arrived and I unbox it. It does not come with tempered glass.

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