Big Bad Wolf box sale #2

Today, at 4.30p.m., my mum drove me to The Mines to buy books again from the Big Bad Wolf book sale. We first ate at Sushi king in The Mines. Then, we walked to Mines 2 which is nearby where Big Bad Wolf book sale is held.

There are other book sale besides the Big Bad Wolf sale, but Big Bad Wolf sale occupies quite a large area. There are less chinese book in Big Bad Wolf than outside of Big Bad Wolf. The deal with Big Bad Wolf is that they now sell by by boxes, you buy one box costing RM100 (big box) or RM75 (small box), and fit all the books you can into the boxes and they will let you out.

I managed to find all the books I want and fit quite nicely into the box, I bought one box, costing RM100, the books in the box can easily reach RM1000 without the discount!

Non fiction section of Big Bad Wolf sale at The Mines
Non fiction section of Big Bad Wolf sale at The Mines

After the book sale, I went to the gym, its already late at night, at 9p.m.. There is no internet at the gym equipment, maybe they off it.

Before I went to the gym, I went to OnFM to checkout my colleague, Von hosting the radio show.

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