Cue Routine Reward

Today, I installed Ubuntu at one of the unused computer. Jason says it is to let me play with the system. I had fun installing the Ubuntu and playing with it.

At lunch, Yvonne and Jason takeaway Mcdonalds for me, I ordered for a spicy chicken mcdeluxe. Then, Yvonne asked me for help, she says her Microsoft Office is not licensed. Then, I search online to crack her Microsoft Office. I also helped Yvonne to autoload picture in her emails.

Then, Jason called me regarding adobe software audit. I need to obtain licenses for adobe products for every computers in the office because adobe need to audit to ensure no pirated use of adobe products. I installed an app called 9chat, who supposedly going to increase my social network. I used it and found it not very useful because we don’t have any connection with the person we are going to chat with. Also, I think if 9chat have a feature to show nearby people would be nice.

After work, I ate at Two Pesos with my mum. Then, I went to the gym. I read the book about power of habit, the cue, routine, reward cycle of developing a habit. There must be a cue, and a reward at the end, to develop a routine. I start to relate this concept with my workout routine. I have a cue (sitting in car, wearing sports shirt, listening to GreenDay) and a reward (a sweet milk tea from Chattime) to have a routine (exercise).

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