Listening to Greenday while working out

Today we have our WIP (Work In Progress), it is just a meeting where we come together to discuss our work this week. We have a new colleague joining us, he is the head of copywriter, Joos. Everyone take turns to report what they are doing this week, with the boss, Peter talking the most.

At office hour, I reformatted many computers, I also helped Joos to print something via the printer, and also I helped him install Microsoft office.

At lunch, I takeaway Famous Amos cookie, at RM20 per 200gram.

At night, my mum and I decide to eat at Two Pesos before going to gym. We ate at Two Pesos, each ordering one pot of steamboat. After eating Two Pesos, we went to buy milk tea from Chattime.

At the gym, I am motivated. I listened to Greenday’s songs and ride 1 hour of bike and 1 hour of treadmill. I got back my gym tag and rubber from Ashley.

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