SQL null not allowed

Today I had bread for breakfast and lunch. I did the travelsmarter landing page with slicing by Emily. The deadline for the travelsmarter is next Monday, everything have to live on Monday. The second project I am working on is the Facebook app, somehow the Facebook app does not register user info into the database, … Continue reading SQL null not allowed

Teeth extraction at the dentist

Today, I decided to take MC, so I am not going to work. My dad drove my aunt and I to the JKoh dentist. We first ate at a nearby restaurant for breakfast. I went in to JKoh dentist, the dentist proceeds to fill 3 fillings on my tooth, and I have one extraction. First, … Continue reading Teeth extraction at the dentist

Finished Quiet by Susan Cain

I had bread for breakfast and lunch. I did inner pages for travelsmarter and validate kana form. I finally finished reading Quiet by Susan Cain. The book is the first bestseller on the topic of introvert, I highly recommend it. I finished the book on my kindle paperwhite, by taking every free time to read, … Continue reading Finished Quiet by Susan Cain

Furniture shop on fire

Morning, I ate BeeHon cooked by Mum. At night, aunt, uncle, parents, brother, and I went to new Atria mall’s Esquire kitchen to eat dinner. We ordered a chattime after the dinner. We saw the furniture shops at Kayu Ara catch fire! The firefighter just stand there and watch. Luckily the petrol station beside the … Continue reading Furniture shop on fire

Dad’s xiaomi mi4i

Today morning, I helped Jeslyn to fix her bug. She wants to have two version of jQuery for different part of code in her website, so I use a noconflict solution. It is great to help a senior on a task. Then, I went out with Alvin and Jason to Mediaprima to do a demo … Continue reading Dad’s xiaomi mi4i

Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia

Today, at 8.15a.m., my aunt drove my brother and I to Megacmc. Today, we have Sunday Celebration and holy communion. Today’s message is about faith again, it lists 6 reasons why we should have faith. You can listen to the sermon here. In the afternoon, my dad brought my mum, brother, and I to the … Continue reading Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia

How to shop in a book sale

There are many book sales in the world. Recently, I went to Big Bad Wolf sale, Big Bad Wolf sale is an important book sale in Malaysia where the book are priced at below market price at an average of RM10 per book. There are two advice I would give to potential buyers of such … Continue reading How to shop in a book sale