Big Bad Wolf box sale

Today, at 8a.m., I went to see Dr. Vincent at Brain Mind Specialist Clinic. I waited for my turn then the pharmacist called me to enter.

I told Dr. Vincent that I do not want to pursue Pharmacy and instead I want to work as a web programmer while studying part time degree at Utar. He says that this is an important decision. He says that web programmer is good. He said I chose the path of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs also dropped out of university and pursue own company. He learned caligraphy and created own fonts. He says that in the real world, people are more realistic, people may backstab me, I have to choose friends carefully. He also says I can upgrade myself by taking cert. He says now is good I have my own income.

I told Dr. Vincent that in work, I prefer to skype with coworkers, he asks me why not face to face talk with them? He says social anxiety people may have suspicious of people. He says I have to test my hypothesis that people do not like me or people wants to do something bad to me. He says 9 out of 10 times my thinking about other people may be wrong. I asked him my suspicion, is it able to be fixed by thinking correctly? Or does it need medicine? He says it is treated using half medicine and half correct thinking. I said I invite my friends out for lunch, he says it is good. He also keep asking hows my mood, sleep, and appetite. I also told him I went to the gym. The session ends, he greeted me out by saying enjoy life.

After the meeting with Dr. Vincent, my dad brought me to nearby Old Town White Coffee to eat our breakfast. After breakfast, we depart to Mines 2 (beside The Mines) for the Big Bad Wolf sale. The area is smaller than the previous event. I saw many books but few that I want to buy, but I still pick some that I wants. I saw 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss. This time, they do not sell by book, but by box. We buy the box, one box costing RM100 and we can put as many books in the box as possible and they will charge only the RM100. I think I fit RM1000 worth of books into the RM100 box.

Af night, we went to new Atria, it is now a shopping mall. We ate sushi and I bought chattime (with QQ). Then, we went to Daiso to buy some things, I bought a car usb charger for my mum.

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