Bought Xiaomi mi4i

Today, I woke up late because I exercised yesterday, I am too tired. Uncle Hew cannot fetched me as I was late, so my dad fetched me to work.

At work, I talked to yvonne on real life. Then, I changed banner, made a dummy WordPress page on our server, I made the car go under the bridge by editing the z-index. I also read Quiet by Susan Cain. Today, Xiaomi has a 1st anniversary sale, and they are selling xiaomi mi4i at RM750+. The specification of mi4i is similar to mi3, however mi4i is smaller while having a better camera. I decided to buy it online for my dad, my dad is using a very old phone, I want him to have a phone than can use Facebook and Whatsapp.

Ashley messaged me an article about christian not suppose to practice yoga. Then, my mum and I cannot go yoga in the gym. I asked my dad to buy earphone for my mum and I to use in gym because the treadmills and bicycles has earphone plugging holes. My dad bought 2 earphone, one old and one new, the new one is an apple earphone.

After work, at the gym, I tried the machines that can build muscles. I also tried the bicycle while watching namewee and Kang Xi Lai Le. My mum did yoga class. My mum felt headache after doing the yoga. I paid the gym fees for next month for mum, ashley, and I. I also bought additional rubber band for me because I want my own locker, don’t have to borrow mum’s rubber band (locker).

My mum fetched Ashley home.

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