Met with gym buddy

Today, as usual I had my breakfast, then went up to office. Today at work, I help edit the kana form into a format that is required. I can’t start on travelsmarter website yet, so I made a dummy WordPress website and made a static car on scoll. I hosted the dummy website at our server. I also got a project using shopify, so I am familiarizing myself with it.

At lunch, I ate thai fried rice. Then, I came back to work, nothing to do, so I read Quiet by Susan Cain and 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss. Ashley told me she had registered on Whatsapp at Anytime Fitness and she sent me a photo.

After work, it is raining, I arrived late at the gym, at 7p.m.. I changed my clothes and met with Ashley, she is running on the treadmill. We chatted about her work and studies. She said this is her first time joining proper gym, last time she went to her aunt’s gym before. I decided to pay for her gym membership and fetch her home every night after gym. We haven’t met for like 5 years! My mum joined the toning exercise class. After gym, my mum and I went to Mcdonalds to eat dinner. Then, we shower at the gym bathroom and went home.

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