First day at Gym

Today, as usual, Uncle Hew fetched me to Jaya One, I had breakfast and went up to office. Today, I got an email, the server access to the travel smarter ftp. I had finished reading Four Hour work week and is now reading Quiet by Susan Cain, a book about introvert in this extroverted world.

At lunch, Jason, Von, Alvin and I went to lunch. We talked about Hong Kong Disneyland that Jason had been recently. Jason also said that I can self learn online things and buy books and claim from the company. I think this is good as company value employee’s self learn.

At work, I fixed some bugs. At 4.30p.m., we have WIP (Work in Progress) meeting. Peter is leading the meeting. He talks about a lot of issues and we take turns to talk about what we are doing this week, each week will have one WIP.

After work, my mum and I head to the Anytime Fitness at Wisma BU8. I changed into my sports attire. Maryam, our trainer guide us to the employee room, a small room. I help my mum to translate as she does not understand English. Maryam says my mum is not suitable to do heavy exercise, but treadmill and the common machine is ok. She measure us using the machine and a health printout is printed, she explained the result to us. She says I need to loose weight and then only tone. She is teaching Kickboxing and is having class later, she advised me to join to loose weight. She set my mum on the treadmill. I am impressed by the treadmill in Anytime Fitness, as I can watch 4 TV channels and surf internet. I go to Feynman lectures website and read the lectures while I run. My mum says she likes Maryam’s Kickboxing lesson and Maryam invites her to join but don’t have to kick so high. My mum and I decide not to hire a personal trainer yet because its expensive. There are many classes like pilates, kickboxing, yoga, zumba, which comes free with the monthly fee that we can join.

Then, we went to ate mcdonalds.

I decide to learn myself instead of hiring a Personal trainer (RM1100 for 10 sessions, 1 hour each session). I decide to read 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss.

I will meet Ashley Ng tomorrow, I am sponsoring her.

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