First time joining Gym

Today, I had color run organized by Great Eastern together with Heart Institute Malaysia. I changed into the sport shirt that Color Run gave me as one of the package, it is blue in color, I also pinned my bib to my chest. At 6.30am, my dad fetched me to Dataran Merdeka. There are already many people, people in blue, orange, and white. There are two categories, 12km and 5km category, blue (men) and orange (female) are in 12km category while white is from 5km category. The race starts at 7am. When the gun is shot, we began running. I initially tried to run but decide to walk instead because I know I will be very tired. There are water every 3km. When I reach 6km, I am already very tired, and my legs is so pain. I try to walk, and especially up the hill, the challenge is more extreme. Many people keep passing me. I reached a place, the people said there are 4km left, I have thoughts wanted to give up and call my dad to fetch me, but I think my dad cannot find me, so I keep walking, and sometimes stop and rest.

When I want to reach the finish line, I think I am at the last one. I finished at 2 hours 45 minutes (12km). A very poor result. I didn’t get the finisher circle badge because I exceed the time limit of 2 hours. When I came back to the finish line, I saw some white shirt people with messy colors on them, it seems that they shoot colors onto the white people. They are messy and the stain is hard to wash. And also some of them cannot ride car home because it will dirty the seats. My company has people joining the white people, I did not see them but later on Facebook I see their photos.

Then, my dad brought me to lunch. I decide to join gym because I took so long for the run, I am unfit. At 2pm, my mum and I went to Anytime Fitness at Wisma BU8. Initially there is no staff there, so we cannot enter. Later, the staff appear, and guide us to the office. We saw many equipment and people doing gym. We registered for two person, each person is RM179 per month and paid RM190 for the entrance key.

Then, the staff showed us the toilet and the locker. We can buy a band to use the locker, my mum brought one, at RM53. The staff also show us some lesson schedule, this is schedule where classes like yoga, zumba, nutrition talk is held. My mum likes the gym because they provide lessons and we get free showers. I suggests to my mum to come here before work, at around 5am, or after work, at around 7pm. Since this gym is open 24/7, we can come anytime we want. They have one free session of trainer, lasting 1 hour for us when we register, we decide with the trainer to have the trainning session at Tuesday.

At night, my aunt, uncle, parents, brother and I went to Korean BBQ restaurant, 大长今 at Kelana Jaya. The menu is expensive. My brother and I ordered BBQ chicken and lamb. The side dishes are free and contain kimchi, sausage, radish, vege, etc. Then, the staff helped to barbeque the lamb and chicken, they barbequed it and cut it into bite sizes. We also ordered rice and chicken soup. We are full and the dishes are delicious, I would come back again for more!

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