First time lunch with Wen Hao in 6 years

Today, at 11am, my dad brought me to One Utama to buy t shirts and shoes, I need T shirt for work and my shoe is already broken. I get some money from the ATM, around RM300. I went into Marks & Spencer, there are no T shirt there, so I went up a floor to Padini. There are some T shirts there, I bought 3 T shirt and 1 button shirt from Padini, totalling RM170+. All are large size. Then, we went to bata to look for shoes, the shoes are not nice, so I went to Tangs and Converse, the shoes are so expensive, one shoe can costs between RM200 to RM300. In the end, I bought the nicer shoes are Bata, costing only RM60 each. I bought two shoes.

I just realised my coworker, Yvonne Ng is a sister of one of my senior at SMK Bandar Utama. At 4pm, my mum fetched my friend, Wen Hao from his house, then we go to One Utama. We chatted about Wen Hao’s job at Deloitte and old school stuff. We ate at Sushi Zanmai. We also chatted about my job. It is all nice. It is good to meet an old friend again. He said he can improve his social skills through practice with clients.

At evening, I bought two pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner.

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