Catching up with friends

Today I ate breakfast before going to office. The english breakfast is nice, with scrambled egg, sausage, butter on bread, red bean, and ham.

I am the first to come to the office. I on my fan and aircond, nice air blowing on my back. I on my desktop and watched youtube, Time Ferriss’s Q & A at Oxford Union. Alvin briefed me on travelsmarter website by Alvin. I chatted with Peter, the general manager on Skype. I also chatted with Kumar from Singapore.

I helped Shannon to do acca website’s private files. Shannon, I have learnt that she is a lifestyle blogger, quite famous! She did sponsor blogs for AirAsia.

I chatted with friends on whatsapp to catch up with them. I also did some cleaning up on my friend list on Facebook.

After work, I dine at Nando’s Tropicana City Mall with mum. There is a book sale at Tropicana City Mall atrium, I went, but there are no good books, mostly old books and unknown books.

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