Today, at around 5p.m., my dad fetched me to Taman Tasik Shah Alam, Buku Jalanan is supposed to happen around the lake. We went there, and the place is hot, I decided to use car to find the Buku Jalanan venue instead. I had no luck in finding them, and the weather is hot, so I call off the event and went home. Buku Jalanan is an event weekly at Taman Tasik Shah Alam where there will be discussion on certain topics in BM and book reading.

I chatted with Wen Hao on the Facebook Messenger, he gave me his phone number and I whatsapp him about a meetup lunch. I said next saturday.

While waiting for time to reach 7pm, my dad fetched me to Dim Sum place at Damansara Utama. I saw Boey Chen Hon but he did not see me.

At 7p.m., we went to Jalan Setia Murni 1, and number 10, it looks like residential area, but when I went in, there are already people gathering. There are a lot of shoes, some 50+ people came. I socialized with the people there, asking them about their job and why they come here. I met one software engineer from MyTeksi, he studied at Segi and work at MyTeksi. I asked him how he got the job, he said he just applied and they needed him to do some tests. He also said that I should not do a degree as it wastes time, just attend events and do online self learning, he said that the company hiring him does not look at his certification. I am glad at this revelation as I am currently studying part time degree.

Then, the talk begins, I went back after 1 talk because I don’t understand what they are talking, something about WebRTC.

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