CodeIgniter notes #3

I often scribble down important notes and stuff I learn in a notebook, I prefer to use a traditional way of learning, using pen and paper. Here are some notes I jotted down.

  1. Use var_dump($variable), this will outputs the variable to your screen. This is similar function to JavaScript’s console.log(variable).
  2. This is a html file, there is a form, when I click the submit button, it will send a POST to submit.php, the variables can be accessed from the controller.

  3. <?php echo base_url(); ?> outputs the base url of your website.
  4. I noticed a lot of these patterns in the html code.
  5. Advice when looking at codeigniter website code for the first time, examine front page code part by part.
  6. application/config/routes.php sets where the controller starts
  7. Bill’s advice: Always make backup, in case batshit happens.
  8. Web development is like game development, an artist/ designer gives the psd to the programmer, and the programmer program the website/ game.
  9. Instead of using span6 and span6 (bootstrap) to make a row, use width:50%, float:left and width:50%, float:left.
  10. Never use inline style, use CSS instead, you might have problems with responsiveness.

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