ATM machine

Today, as usual I went to eat Roti Canai and Tosai with Teh Ais before work. Then, I went to buy newspaper and my gum. I had recently started a gum addiction during work, I cannot work without chewing gum.

I work on the second website project. Sometimes I hit a wall and I don’t know how to proceed, however, everytime, I managed to circumvent it, I just need more time and thought! I successfully finish more than half the website, and I only got this project since yesterday. Daniel had a meeting with us regarding the workflow, salesperson will pass the requirement to the designer, designer will spend 3-5 days to build a design to be passed to the programmer, and the programmer use 3-5 days to program the website. Daniel said we are focus on easysell, a ecommerce website service. Also, there is easysocial and easycollege. Easycollege will offer certificate and diploma to students, and expose the students to the real development process.

After lunch time, I went to the 7 eleven to chill. They have an aircond in the 7 eleven. I bought a snack bar and ate it while sitting down browsing my phone. Then I saw the ATM machine, I had been wondering where is the nearest ATM and it is in the 7 eleven. I withdrew some money as I am short on money. I also decide not to depend on parents for money and instead use my own money from my own account because I am an adult now.

I have this high when programming, and sometimes I will go into the mood, a mood where I can concentrate and loose track of surrounding, I will keep going and going.

At night, my parents bring my brother and I to Low Ma Ji Winter melon steamboat restaurant. The restaurant is hot.

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