Second website project

Today, I received my second project specification from Davic. It consists of few jpg screenshot of the completed website and a psd (photoshop) file that contain all the assets of the website.

This project is harder than the previous because the previous project is easier, I just have to edit the assests, the layout is the same. This website’s layout is different, this will be challenging.

During lunch, Davic, Yee and I went to lunch. I ate Pan Mee. They are surprised that I do not know cantonese because I am a KL people.

Jason Chia called me for an interview with the General Manager on Thursday. Wednesday, I will have dinner with Ray (Khai Weng’s friend).

I went back at 6.15p.m. because Daniel said he wants to have a meeting but I can’t wait any longer, so I do not wait for him to come back. I then went to Gerai, a restaurant beside MCD Bandar Utama, the food tastes bad and it is very expensive.

When I went home, I tried to code game in Phaser, tried BackboneJS, etc. I am still finding a permanent side project to work on, I now have too many small side projects that have no real result yet.

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