Prayer meeting

Today, Uncle Hew fetched me on 7.30a.m. to Easy Asia Sdn. Bhd., I ate Roti Canai and Teh Ais at a nearby restaurant, then I went to the office. There was noone in the office yet, so I waited outside.

The admin lady came, and she let me in. I sat down, open my laptop and started to work. Before I work, I read The Star newspaper to catch up with the news. Then, I started to work on AutoEcu website.

When I work, someone emailed me, he found me through Linkedin and would like to hire me to his clients. He said he has two jobs, one web development and one game development (making gambling games for Genting), I said OK and sent him my resume.

At 6.00p.m., I left home from work. At 7.30a.m., my mum fetched me to Megacmc for prayer meeting. We ate at a restaurant nearby then we went into the church at 8.30p.m.. Today’s prayer meeting is about family. We prayed, and prayed, and prayed. Then, we went home at 9.45p.m..

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