Work, Haircut, World Vision, Utar Part time

Today, at 7.30a.m., Uncle Hew fetched me to work. I reached near my work place, I ate Roti Canai with Teh Ais at a nearby restaurant, bought The Star newspaper and went up to office. At the office, I first read news online and The Star. Then, I work on my AutoECU website. During the work, I managed to finish all the desktop website view. Bill gave me a tips on not having to create a separate section for a part, but just use pages. It solves my problem. I still have to continue mobile tomorrow.

After work, I went to Digital Mall to buy mousepad because the desk surface at work cannot work with my laser mouse. Then, mum and I went to eat Mcdonalds.

Today I had my haircut at downstairs at night. I received two letters, one from World Vision Malaysia, another from UTAR. The World Vision Malaysia sends me profiles of the 3 kids I adopt, 2 from India, one from Vietnam. There is a letter that you can write to them. UTAR accepts me as Computer science part time degree student.

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