BookXcess Flash Fiction

Today is Labour Day, so I do not need to go to work. I checked from BookXcess’s website that they have a flash fiction sale, all fiction books will be sold at RM9.90. The place is at Amcorp Mall and Fahrenheit.

I went to Amcorp Mall at 3.30p.m., my mum drove me there using Waze. The BookXcess shop is within the Amcorp Mall. We went up the escalator, and we found the BookXcess shop. There is many people queuing to buy the books.

The fiction books are all at RM9.90, but I found some non-fiction books selling at RM9.90. I collected some books into the basket. I realised the shop is selling other books at reduced price, around RM17, etc. I bought 12 books and my mum 1 book, totalling RM120+. I would recommend book worms to buy books during offer like this instead of going to MPH or Kinokuniya.

Then, we ate Subway, then we go home.

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