Little Big Master (五個小孩的校長) Movie at GSC

Today is Wednesday, GSC will lower their ticket price on this day, so I asked my mum to movie after work. After work, I went to GSC to claim the movie ticket that I booked online. The tickets are RM8.50 each after GST. The movie starts at 7.40pm and it was only 6.30pm, so we went to eat dinner. We went to Waffle World to have our dinner. I ordered blueberry waffle while my mum ordered blueberry pancake. We ate, then we went to Old Wing Guardian to buy stuff for my dad, a leg sticker.

I bought a chewing gum tablets and went to GSC. We went to the movie. The movie title is called Little Big Master or 五個小孩的校長 in Chinese. It was a touching story about a headmistress from a well known kindergarten decided to tutor for a measly HKD 4500 5 children in a kindergarten that faced foreclosure. It is based on real story. I am touched by the movie.

This is the real headmistress that is portrayed in the movie.

And this is a documentary of the headmistress.

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