Chinese New Year Visit # 2

Today is the second day of the Chinese New Year. At 12pm, my brother, parents and I went to my mum’s side of family. They are located at Balakong near The Mines Shopping Mall. We went there and I played the tablet with my cousin. Then, we went to another house, and stayed until 4.30pm. We went back.

I wanted to go to the Digital mall to buy my drawing pad and mum’s chinese writing pad but the mall did not open. Then, we tried waze, waze uses shortcut that saves time and avoids traffic. We are impressed.

Then at night, we went to Ikuzo Ramen to eat Ramen. I ordered a kimchi shoba, it tastes nice, although the taste is different from normal noodle, but the blend of ingredients and soup is nice. Then, we tossed Yee Sang again and went home.

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