Sir, may I have your order please?

Today, I went to Sushi King with my mum to have dinner. I was led to my table by the waitress. When I sat down, I saw this.

This reminds me of something. A debate about technological unemployment. Will robot replace humans and make all of us run out of jobs? Some argue that human will always create enough jobs to replace jobs destroyed by technology. Some say we will never have any skills any more to replace jobs because technology enable robots to do everything we are capable of. Some may say we will always have creative jobs, and the personal touch of human is unable to be replaced.

But, here in this restaurant is the counter argument to that. We don’t need waiter/waitress to provide personal touch, we prefer the convenient of robots. Same with cashier, arguing that having a personal touch will save the job is fantasy. One day, we will use robot to replace humans whenever it is more convenient. So, robots is going to replace our jobs, but that is OK. IMHO.

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