Big Bad Wolf, Hoodie, and Haircut

Today, I planned to buy a hoodie because my co-workers wear them. I went to The Mines, because Big Bad Wolf is having a fire sale there. My mum and me went there around 3pm, we went straight to Big Bad Wolf sale at MIECC. This is different from Big Bad Wolf annual sale where all the prices are around RM5+, the books here can be higher than that. I bought 3 books, totalling RM15 only.

Then, I went to Uniqlo to buy hoodie and 2 T-shirts. I plan to wear T-shirts and hoodie together. Totalling RM190.



Then me and my mum went to Sushi King. Lastly, I went to haircut downstairs at my apartment. Totalling RM28.

Compared with RM50 haircut from Restyle, One Mont Kiara.

Music video of the day:

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