How to keep up with the trend

I intend to write down all the steps that can be taken to follow the trend, or pop culture, how to mix with teenagers or 20s people. I shall share a story of what inspired this post. During my orientation at my university, UNITEN, we played a game where each person in a circleĀ have to write down a popular song name each on a paper, then the paper is passed to the person on the right, the person have to draw what is the song, then the person will fold to hide the song name, then the next person have to draw based on the drawing and so on. At the time, I did not know another popular english song, so I just write Happy Birthday, which resulted in an awkward game where I was criticised as not being creative enough. So, let’s begin to list down the steps you can take to be pop!

  1. Listen to radio. You can use this website to stream live online. Why listen to radio? Because first, you can listen to all the hip songs, second, you can listen to current people’s viewpoint.
  2. Watch viral YouTube videos.
  3. Join a church, especially one with many teenagers. Church has many events, and these events can make you immerse in the local culture.
  4. Listen to popular song on YouTube. This can be done by browsing the music category. If possible, try to sing it in shower.
  5. Subscribe to channels. These days there are many indie singers that do covers of popular song, they themselves are celebrity called YouTube, subscribing to them can make you access pop videos.
  6. Use Facebook. Facebook connects you to friends, they also display events that you can go, join groups on Facebook to share similar interests.
  7. Buy a phone with good camera. I myself is using xiaomi mi3 which has 12mp camera. Capture your moments and share it on Facebooks.
  8. Read blogs. Read blogs written by popular people, popular people that are followed by thousands of people.

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