How to apply to Malaysian University?

  1. There are total of 21 Public universities in Malaysia. The universities are divided into two groups, Research Universities (RU) and Non-Research University (Non-RU).
  2. RU are more focused on research while Non-RU are focused on teaching.
  3. Generally, you need cgpa more than 3.5 to apply to RU.
  4. RU are UM, UKM, UPM, UTM, USM. Non-RU are the rest.
  5. The application process can be divided into three channels, through UM, USM, or UPU.
  6. UM and USM are two universities that are granted autonomy status, this means they can admit whoever they want into their programmes, so you have to apply directly to them.
  7. UPU will help you process application to Public Universities (IPTA) that are not UM and USM.
  8. The first step in application is to buy BSN pin at BSN. UM does not require a BSN pin. USM and UPU does. USM pin costs around RM40 and UPU pin costs around RM16.
  9. Next, go to website to do online application, google UM, USM, and UPU.
  10. Then, send the documents if you are lepasan diploma/setaraf.
  11. Then, wait for interview if there is one.
  12. Next, wait for result (usually around August).
  13. You can possibly get 3 offers, one from UM, one from USM, and one from UPU.
  14. Later, enter the university at the start of September.

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