Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant

  1. I went to Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant to eat buffet steamboat.
  2. Compare with Flaming Steamboat, I think there is a world difference between both quality.
  3. A good restaurant does not only serve good food, but also the environment matters.

    Yuen Food display
  4. Yuen has a open display of foods that you can pick. Flaming has a standing fridge where you have to open the fridge to take your food, which is inconvenient.
  5. Yuen has wider space with good air conditional so customer do not sweat when eating.
  6. The staff is efficient, I saw the ice cream finished in a tray and the staff quickly replace it with a full ice cream tray.
  7. The floors are clean.
  8. But, you have to wait if you are late to the restaurant.

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