One Utama shopping, Hush puppies, Brands outlet

Today is the day I went to One Utama and do my shopping. I would like to buy some adults shirt, such as button-down shirts. We went there around 1:30pm and came back around 5pm. So, we went there and there are many cars finding parking.

Finally, we found a parking and we went to Popular first, to buy plastic wrapper for my new books from Big Bad Wolf sale. Then, we went to Brands outlet, and found that there is Buy 1 Free 1 button-down shirt for RM69.99. I tested 4 patterns and bought 2 button-down shirt for RM69.99. Then, we went to Hush Puppies. Hush Puppies is expensive but the quality and style is worth the price. One shirt is around RM 100. I bought one long-sleeve button-down shirt and one short-sleeve button-down shirt and two packets of underwear, 3 each. The total is around RM 260. Then we went to POLO shop, the shirt is RM200 each, after 50%, is RM100, it’s very expensive as it is branded goods. So, today, I used a total of around RM 330 for my fashion shopping. Then my mum went to buy her microwavable tupperware.

Today I am happy because I overcome my fear of One U! and I have more shirts to wear, time to throw away some old clothes.

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