Hairstyling and first game nearly done!

Today morning, I go back to Restyle saloon to ask the hairdresser how to style the hair. The guy is there early in the morning, around 10am. I asked him if the shop is selling any hair products, he showed me the hair products. And I asked him to show me how to style my hair like the previous day. He makes my hair wet and blow dry my hair, while shaping my hair to the right. Then he use a thumbful of hair cream and rub on my hair. He also layered my hair, he said that short hair is easy to style.

I bought the hair cream for RM 55! Then, I went back to work. I try to implement the solution yesterday but I found an easier way. I nearly done my first game, I cannot believe it I had so many things done on one day. Now, I left background music and sound effect.

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