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Today I will be sharing my favourite to do list + note taking app, Evernote. If you are using android, you can download the app from Google play store. What I like about this app is that it syncs across all devices, this means that what you type in one of your device say, phone, will be the same thing as another device, say, desktop computer.

If you are already using Evernote, you will know about Notebooks and tags. There are many ways to organize your notes, my way is to use Notebook as the main thing and tags as subsidiary. I open Notebooks such as Project ideas, Money matters, Bucket list, Notes to myself, To do, and Uncategorized. In each Notebook contains many notes, and each note can be tagged with many tags.

The most frequently used Notebook is the To do Notebook, in this Notebook stored the things I need to do but do not have a time/ date, so I cannot store in my calendar. Using Evernote and Google Calendar together is a great combination. Now, at my work, I may have something to note down, so I open a note in my Evernote and jot down things I need to remember.

Moreover, Evernote gives you a unique email address. You can send an email to this email address and it will create a note at a default notebook. This is useful if you do not have the apps in your desktop, and you want to jot something down in Evernote.

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