New haircut RM50

Today, early in the morning, 10am, I went to Restyle Mont Kiara. There was only 1 person, and he is the senior stylist there. He booked my appointment and I can have my hair cut at 11am. So I went up and work. At 11am, I went down. There is a new guy washing my hair before the hair stylist help me to cut my hair. The washing part is very relaxing. Then I showed the hair stylist the hair I want. He said my hair is fine and I shouldn’t cut too short in the front because it will appear that I have less hair. So, he helped me to cut. And it was good, he used gel to style it. I should return to him tomorrow and ask him how to use gel, and maybe buy some products from his shop. It costs me RM50! It’s worth it, RM50 / 90 days = RM0.60 per day.

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