Let’s meet and code

Today is the day of Let’s meet and code. At 10.30am, my dad fetched me to Plaza Damas, and H-1-4, which is TribeHired office. TribeHired is a candidate training office. I went in and Devan greeted me, AJ, and Akram. I told Devan that I am a game developer, and going to university next year. Devan is the CEO of TribeHired and organizer of this event.

First, is the talk by Akram about UX design. Color – contrast, depth. Fold, image, headline. Call to action. Data. Then we brainstorm on what to do on the following meetings. We decided to come meetup once every month. And we would do Raspberry Pi first, then only app using Phone Gap.

There are 3 people coming for the event, me, Michael, and Wei Hien. Michael is a network guy, Wei Hien comes from bioinformatics background, but currently interested in php design. Devan also teaches us how to use nitrous.io to host laravel project. We will also learn to use Laravel to make websites.

I am happy I came for the event.

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