Books I read (scientifically sound self help books)

I had once decided to make this blog strictly about computer science or technology only, but I think adding some personal touch to it is OK because this is my blog and people come to my blog not just to read facts but also my perspective on things. So, for the first time, this blog will have personal posts as content.

In an attempt to get my social anxiety and shyness (maybe I will expand on this in the future) under control, I have scrawled the internet for books. I have found Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness to be extremely helpful. The book gave practical advice that I used and found quite helpful.

Another book I would recommend is 59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute by Richard Wiseman. This book caught my attention because it is fairly new and most importantly it is written by a Professor of Public Understanding of Psychology. There are too many unhelpful and unscientific self-help books out there and a self-help book written by a qualified professional does stands out from the rest. Each chapter of the book ends with a 59 seconds section, which summarises the points of the chapter, and its scientific!

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