UNITEN second week

This week I had four days of classes and I returned home on the night of Thursday. It still felt the same as the first week.

Things that I am grateful for this week:

  1. I have good foods to eat!
  2. Naruto episode 700 (last episode) ends yesterday! I have been following it since form 3?
  3. I have few books on my shelve now (Lee Kuan Yew’s one man view of the world, 59 seconds, how to talk to people, bible, etc)!
  4. I had done a lot of walking and sweating.
  5. I have my new phone, xiaomi mi3, the camera is 13mp, and they have this age detection face recognition thing, I can also browse internet, and whatsapp, facebook.
  6. I obtain few people’s phone number, and chatted via whatsapp.
  7. I can sleep and wake up!
  8. I appreciate music more since my housemate blast music most of the time.
  9. The new perspective on life when returning home…I can see much to improve on myself, the sudden shift in perspective when you are in university and outside, relax and tense, etc…
  10. I have clothes that fit me.
  11. and lastly, I have progressed one week toward my goal of getting a degree in computer science.

I have read a lot of articles on introversion, shyness, how to open up to people, how to be confidence, what to do if socially awkward, etc

I will see counsellor at church this Sunday.

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