Paradigm mall cinema

In the morning, I packed my luggage and laptop for tomorrow’s university registration at UNITEN.

In the evening, around 5, I finally get the courage to watch movie alone, for the first time. I booked the movie “Annabella” online at GSC’s website. Mom drives me to paradigm mall and I walked to top floor where GSC is located. I gave the attendant the code and he gave me my ticket, I bought one medium popcorn and medium coke and proceed to the movie.
The movie is typical horror movie, but it’s scary at times. The cinema is not filled with people, I think the movie has already been aired many times. After the movie, I walk in Paradigm mall while waiting mum to pick me up. There are few clothing shop there, and I would like to buy some clothes from uniqlo as I heard there has small size shirt there.
Overall, I am proud of myself for achieving my daily goal, that is watch movie alone, and its double win because its a horror movie.

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