Download lecture videos, powerpoints, and notes of Coursera courses

If you have a slow internet traffic, and experience buffering when viewing coursera videos, you may wish to download all the lecture videos to your computer and view it after all videos are downloaded. Or, if you are like me, sharing internet with someone else, you may not want to hog up the internet watching videos when people are using it, you may want to download the videos when no one is using the internet. Moreover, you can view the videos over and over again without taking additional bandwidth.

You can download coursera videos using Google chrome extension, Coursera Downloader. The steps are quite intuitive, just follow them. This will download all the lecture videos in mp4 format.

You can download lecture powerpoints and lecture pdfs using Firefox extension, DownThemAll!. To use this, go to your coursera course page, right click, click “DownThemAll!…”, click on Fast Filtering and type “ppt, pdf” (uncheck other options), then click start.

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