First time install RAM (doing a favour for relative)

Few days ago, my aunt asks me to fix my cousin’s computer. The desktop, only the CPU and a power cord arrived at my house via my dad. I was told that there were some problems with the desktop.

My dad suggests that it may be a RAM problem, and it was true. There were two RAM cards, each is 2GB. When I remove one of the card, the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) does not occur anymore, so I deduce that one of the RAM card is faulty, I took it out. I checked the price of a 2GB RAM card online, it was RM100, my aunt said not to buy yet, so I did not buy, maybe the computer will run slow because it has less RAM now. Then, I proceed to install windows 7 32 bit (I did not install 64 bit because it requires 4 GB RAM but the desktop can only have 2GB). Later, I installed Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, Google Chrome, and Teamviewer (for future troubleshooting).

I still need to install driver for wireless USB adapter, but I do not know what adapter brand my aunt is using, so I have to ask her tomorrow.

Lesson learnt: How to install and remove RAM, how to reformat.

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