UM Phone interview (recreated from memory)

Lecturer: Hi, is this Ling Gen Sheng Shaun?

Me: Yes.

Lecturer: You have heard about the interview right? from UM?

Me: Yes.

Lecturer: Tell me about yourself.

Me: I’m shaun, I have a website at where I put my projects and share my learning, mostly about computer science and math stuff, you can find links to the code I write there. I am interested in computer science and would like to apply to UM. I tried some challenges such as project euler and google codejam. I also took online courses and learn programming language such as C and python.

I was a science stream student when I took my SPM and STPM and able to score 12As and 3.75 cgpa. At school, I hold posts such as president of chinese society, treasurer of prefectorial board, secretary of red crescent society. One of the achievement is that I scored high distinction in Malaysian National Chemistry Quiz. I had a few months experience teaching young children maths at a tuition center. 
Lecturer: As you said, what’s your cgpa?

Me: 3.75.

Lecturer: Muet?

Me: Band 4.

Lecturer: Um.

Lecturer: Tell me about your family.
Me: My father works at international school as..
Lecturer: Which school?
Me: Garden International School. as a maintenance worker and my mother works at a factory as operator, I have a brother, younger brother, studying at university, taking Psychology.
Lecturer: Which university?
Me: HELP university.
Lecturer: Is it the one at damansara jaya.
Me: Erm, I think its further than that.
Lecturer: Ok, nevermind. Why do you want to talk artificial intelligence?
Me: Erm…
Lecturer: You should have taught about that right?
Me: Yes, I watched a video by prof. Andrew Ng, it says that we have all the hardware, the computers, robotics arms, but we don’t have the brain. We can put a ps3 joystick on the machine and control it slowly by it must be done using human and its slow. So the goal of artificial intelligence is to make this software that replace the human brain.
Lecturer: Ok besides the video, why do you want to do artificial intelligence?
Me: When I think about computer science, I think of artificial intelligence, but that is old part, there are new fields in AI, for example, machine learning, natural language processing.
Lecturer: Oh, NLP, I’m from NLP. *chuckles*
Me: Oh. And I read a text artificial intelligence: A modern approach, I think its the standard text for artificial intelligence.
Lecturer: You have read the whole text? 
Me: Just the beginning. Also I took some online courses.
Lecturer: What courses?
Me: Online courses.
Lecturer: Oh, online courses.
Me: As I said machine learning by andrew ng.
Lecturer: You have taken the online courses, so you must know already right?
Me: Erm, I’m just beginning.
Lecturer: Do you have any questions to ask me?
Me: Erm, just a general questions. I read an article by google, hr department of google, and they say that initially they hire people based on their cgpa and education institution, but they do not find a correlation between cgpa and education institiution and work performance, what do you think?
Lecturer: …(something about must learn skill, not just cgpa, she have students internship, not good enough, must have skill, cliche)
Me: Ok, when can I get my result?
Lecturer: I’m just an lecturer, based on your result, muet, and skills, I think you can pass. We have students coming to interview, we can know their interest but they never have anything? Ok, hope to see you soon.
Me: Hope to see you too. Bye
Lecturer: Bye.

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