CS50x Week 12: Final Project!

Finally, I have reached the end of CS50x, this week we did our final project. There are many projects on display here. The projects are divided into several categories. You can use any skills your learnt in CS50x to aid in making your final project. Students are also encouraged to buy a domain for their final project. I have decided to do a website project because I had some experience since building my website, moreover, I can host and showcase my files here. There are people who did games for final project, such as “malan clicker”, a simple game but quite addicting. The game concept reminds me of one of the Google Code Jam 2014 Qualification round questions, Cookie Clicker Alpha.

I used Google Maps API to build a website that show the distance between friends on Google Map using only a 7 alphanumeric ID. I used skills learnt from CS50 finance problem set to build this website. I setup a SQL table to store the user’s generated ID, and location (latitude and longitude). Then, I use PHP to query the SQl table. Bootstrap helps in giving good style to the website, JQeury makes transferring information to and from form easy, Ajax is used to call php file from Javascript. The end result a website that lets friends use Google map easier, because only a pair of ID is needed, no mention of longitude or latitude or place name. You can view the website here.

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