Migrating from Octopress blog to WordPress blog

I had done some comparison between Octopress blog and WordPress blog.

Octopress blog

  1. Ease of editing
    1. Uses markdown – need to upload, crop, and resize media by myself.
    2. Need to write own code to position media caption.
    3. No formatting tools (for e.g. bold, italics, underline, quote, center, quote, spell check), need to write own code.
    4. Cannot edit everywhere, computer must have specialized program.
    5. Cannot make draft, no scheduling of post.
  2. Speed
    1. Website is static, loads very fast.
  3. Ease of publishing
    1. Complicated publishing process, need to use rake new_post[“”], rake generate, then git to Github.
    2. Slow preview when editing using rake preview and view at localhost.
  4. Comment system
    1. Third party comment storage, via Disqus.
  5. Price
    1. Cost: Domain name price + free Github hosting.

WordPress blog

  1. Ease of editing
    1. Convenient media uploading, and positioning.
    2. Easy to insert caption.
    3. Convenient formatting tools.
    4. Can edit everywhere, computer only needs internet connection.
    5. Can make draft, scheduling of post.
  2. Speed
    1. Website is not static, take some time to load.
  3. Ease of publishing
    1. Simple publishing process, just click publish.
    2. Instant preview when editing by clicking preview.
  4. Comment system
    1. Comments are stored within WordPress.
  5. Price
    1. Cost: Domain name price + mapping to custom domain $13 per year. (assuming I am using WordPress.com and not WordPress.org)

I chose to migrate to WordPress mainly because editing and publishing in WordPress is easier and faster. Now, the cost of running this website is:

  • $15 per year, domain name bought from Hostgator
  • $9.95 per year, domain name privacy
  • $13 per year for WordPress hosting, 3GB storage.

Some people may want to self-host WordPress platform at their own hosting server. They need to bare the cost of hosting, but the WordPress platform (WordPress.org) is free. I would not want the hassle in hosting and managing my own WordPress platform, so I pay WordPress (WordPress.com) $13 per year for hosting and managing. See here for the comparison between self-hosted WordPress and WordPress-hosted WordPress.

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