Tools for writing Octopress blog


  1. Install LaTeX for Octopress blog:
  2. Latex wiki:

LaTeX is used to write equations in documents. Install LaTex on your Octopress blog, syntax for LaTeX in Octopress is $$ $$ for block math and and $ $ for inline math. Learn to use LaTex syntax such as square root, variables, unformatted text, exponent, division, multiplication at the LaTeX wiki.


  1. Haroo Pad (Markdown editor):

  2. Markdown Basic syntax:

  3. Another Markdown Basic Syntax:
  4. Github Flavored Markdown:

In Octopress, you have to write your posts in markdown format. If you host your octopress blog on Github page, you can follow Github Flavored Markdown, which is a bit different from traditional Markdown. For example you can use syntax highlighting for your codes by using

HarooPad, a Markdown editor can let you preview your markdown while you are editing. Installing is simple, after installing, remember to go to File > Preferences > markdown, tick Use Mathematics Expression and Use Single $ Sign for Inline Expression (default:$$$), this will let you preview your LaTeX codes, and use $ instead of $$$ for inline math. Markdown editor may not always give you the real preview of your blog, after editing with Markdown editor, you would like to rake preview before rake generate your blog.

Diagrams and presentation

  1. Gliffy: – If you want to export your diagram with transparent background, export your file as svg from Gliffy, download inkscape, open the svg file, select background and delete it, then File > Export Bitmap….
  2. Powerpoint: – Store your powerpoint files at onedrive. If you want to embed the powerpoint in your blog, you can click File > Share > Embed, choose dimensions, copy the embed code and paste in your blog post.
  3. GifCam: Download –, tutorial – Record screen and make gif.
  4. ImageMagick: Download –, explanation – Make gif from multiple pictures.

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