Starting edX CS50x Introduction to Computer Science

EdX is a massive online education website, offering courses by top universities in the world like Harvard University, MIT, UC Berkeley, etc…You can listen to the same lecture as the students there, do the same assignments, examinations, all for free. At the end of the course, you may get a online certificate. My motivation in learning this is not for the certificate but to fulfill the gap in my knowledge in CS.

I had completed the lectures, walkthroughs, sections, shorts, and problem set 0 of week 0. This is the first program I wrote in Scratch. It is a simple scoring game.

All my CS50x codes:

Problem set 0 game: Scratch link

Link to edX CS50x: Introduction to Computer Science by Harvard University: CS50x link

Edit: Added some useful resources
CS50 style guide: link
Reference: link
Ascii table: link

Syllabus: link
Study topics: link
Shorts: link

Discussion: link
My Codes: link

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