CS50x Week 1: C

I have learnt about libraries, compilers, switch statements, and typecasting. When we are programming, we are giving instructions to the computer to carry out tasks. However, the programming language like C is considered a high level language. High level language is easy to read (resembles english), while low level language is cryptic. Computers only read … Continue reading CS50x Week 1: C

What is computer science?

Computer science is a fairly new discipline relative to established disciplines like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. As mentioned by Hal Abelson, Professor at MIT in this Youtube video, computer science is not about computer as much as physics is not about particle accelerator, biology is not about microscopes… He also pointed out that computer … Continue reading What is computer science?

Starting edX CS50x Introduction to Computer Science

EdX is a massive online education website, offering courses by top universities in the world like Harvard University, MIT, UC Berkeley, etc…You can listen to the same lecture as the students there, do the same assignments, examinations, all for free. At the end of the course, you may get a online certificate. My motivation in … Continue reading Starting edX CS50x Introduction to Computer Science