JPJ car test

Today, about 7.15a.m., Mr. lee came and fetched me. with one girl in the car.

As usual “check if you bring your I.C.”, ok checked. and silence in the car till the other guy’s house.
One guy Daniel from Damansara Jaya, and one girl from beside church.
So, today i have 2 new partners and one old friend -.- Daniel.
Today is the driving test day, heading to Surfine Hitech at Cheras..quite far away.
So, Mr.lee was rushing us go. ok, here’s the student profile
girl #1 first time taking bahagian 2, bahagian 3
girl #2
daniel 3rd time, still have slope, parking and 3 point turn
me 4th time, still have slope, parking and 3 point turn
so we arrived there at 8.30a.m. (exactly on time)
So, the girl #1 is at 8.30 taking ujian bahagian 2 & 3
followed by me at 8.30 taking ulangan bahagian 2
then girl #2 at 10.30 taking ujian bahagian 2 & 3
and Daniel at 1.30 taking ulangan bahagian 2
-.- have to wait till everyone finish, which is…about 5..
My turn, ulangan bahagian 2 which consists of slope, parking and three point turn.
My number is 8, so it’s quite front.
  1. step clutch, switch to gear 1. release clutch, car moving.
  2. accelerate when near then slope.
  3. press clutch and brake when the front tyre enter the yellow line. then free gear, up handbrake.
  4. raise up hand, if jpj guy say roll down, you release the handbrake and let the car roll down, but dont hit the car behind.
  5. if the jpj guy asks you to continue.
  6. press accelerator, release clutch till the car like bend down suddenly, then press harder accelerator.
  7. release hand brake and go down the slope.
  8. stop before the white line.
  9. come out of the car and sign the form at the instructor place.
  10. go into your car. go to parking section
before parking. you have to stop before the parking box and give the form to the jpj guy # 2.
  1. choose your lane. (up to you) some lanes have mini slope.
  2. the rules here is easy, make sure your car is in the box. straight your tyres, dont hit any stick, must be done under 5 minutes.
  3. first you go straight and stop.
  4. then reverse to see the first stick appear.
  5. then left turn full and reverse. till you can see 7 sticks in your right side mirror.
  6. then turn 2 rounds to the right and reverse. till your back tyre in the white line.
  7. then turn full right and reverse. (careful not to hit the sticks behind. use your side mirror)
  8. turn full left and into gear 1. park straight your car and free gear.
  9. turn two rounds to your right and check your tyre. you tyre should be straight. raise your hand.
  10. if the jpj guy # 2 say continue, then turn full left reverse. (dont hit the stick behind)
  11. then gear 1 turn full right go out of the box and faster press clutch and turn back left to straighten the car.
Three point turn
  1. when you reach 1 and a half stick, turn full right and before hitting the stick, faster press clutch and brake.
  2. handbrake if you want. if not then turn full left reverse.
  3. then gear 1 turn full right and out of the 3 point turn box.
  4. park your car. then go to the jpj guy # 2 to collect your form.
  5. remember, your engine cannot die during the 3 point turn. only 3 steps are allowed. if you stop, dont proceed to go somemore. when you reverse and stop, dont reverse anymore. it will fail you immediately.
passed. so happy~~~my P will be done on thurs/ fri.

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