“Birth”day Suit

some of you may be puzzled and ask ” what’s a birthday suit??!! sounds cute =3=”

“Birth”day suit is defined as

informal terms for nakedness; “in the raw”; “in the altogether”; “in his birthday suit”. Ok i shall write about this unique yet surprising item ——–> The “Birthday Suit”

Do yo get me? A “Birth”day suit is a suit that you wear since you are born, aka your”skin”… i nearly fainted when my fren told me about the real meaning of “birth”day suit.

that day (my birthday) when i was waiting sitting as usual at the benches of the front gate waiting for my car. .

tzer shayng came and sit beside me.. sitting at the other side of me is Janani.

So tzer shyang tried to crack up some Lame jokes as usual…

he asked

Tzer Shyang: “Janani, want to see Shaun’s Birthday suit?” emphasizing on the word “Birth”day Suit

Janani was puzzled and ask me: “Shaun, whats a Birthday Suit? that was so cute”

I was lyke: “wad…. =3=”

Tzer Shayng: “hahahahhahahaha, Do you want to seee”

Janani: “Ok .. Shaun you got birthday suit?? ^_^ i want to see.”

I cannot say no at that moment because i really have a birthday suit..feel lyke killing tzer shyang

Next time when someone asks you about your Birthday suit, reply them that it is private.

NOte: Beware, do not google for the word “Birthday Suit” or i guarantee you will ended up watching some porn stuff…SeriOusly

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