Bad Education System of Malaysia

After reading the article, I have to agree with the writer on several points as I have been through this generation of education system in Malaysia.

I, myself obtained a A1 in SPM English and 1119 English, but I can say that my English is not up to international standard. This is in part due to the failure of the education system as highlighted in the article. The move of the government to switch the secondary school education medium to Malay will worsen the situation.

As examples given in the article, students with sub-par English standard are admitted into universities. With the money-minded attitude of private universities, they would happily admit students as long as they have money without considering their academic standard. Moreover, with the introduction of NEP policies into education, the same is happening in the public universities.

Employers suffer the full blow when they are recruiting for fresh graduates. The English proficiency is bad, some are not able to write report in proper English. With low level of English proficiency, Malaysian cannot compete at the world stage, where English is dominant.

I would suggest a change in government, for the better future of the next generation, so that our education system can be on par with that of United Kingdom, US, Singapore, etc…. For students of this generation that are affected by the poor education system of Malaysia, we should brush up our English by reading more English books, newspapers, communicate with people who speaks good English, make effort to open a blog to write in English, and understand the importance of English.

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