USM, UTeM, or MMU?

After leaving pharmacy programme of UCSI, I have applied to UPU and USM. The first choice for USM is material engineering while the first choice for UPU is electrical engineering at UTeM. USM is a tier 5, research university, however, the course material engineering is not as popular as the traditional engineering field such as civil, chemical, e&e engineering, there are less job opportunities. UTeM is a tier 4 university, previously a university college, however, the course electrical engineering has wider job options. I have emailed the dean of Computer Science, requesting to change my course to her faculty, and to my surprise, she is not dean anymore, she helped me to forward my case to the new dean.

Now, I am hoping for USM computer science. If I did not get USM, I will go to MMU to study computer science. I heard MMU is quite food in computer science.
From medicine, to pharmacy, to engineering, to computer science. I think this will be my final choice of course. I will stick to it, and hopefully will get a stable job. Moreover, I hope to obtain master and PhD, then teach at IPTA (Public universities). 
Computer science has many job opportunities, almost all company requires computer expert as computer is employed for daily operation. Computer science also enables me to discover new technology, which I find exciting. 

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