Preparing for interview

Now, I have decided to pursue MBBS at Taylor’s, my backup plan is IPTA. I heard the interview will be with the Dean of Taylor’s School of Medicine and a representative. I will prepare answers for the usual interview questions such as “Tell me about yourself.”, “Why do you want to study medicine?”, and “Why do you choose Taylor’s?”. Before going for interview, I have to do medical check up. I am looking forward to this interview and prepare to give honest answers.

Now, my dad will asks his boss regarding the percentage of deduction of tuition fee as my dad is a worker there. Besides that, will I be studying whole 5 years of medicine in Taylor’s, or 3 years in Taylors + 2 years in UK? Moreover, will I be able to get a job after my 5 years of study? I heard that there is a glut of houseman in year 2015, and I will be able to graduate only on 2018!

The Olympic event is grand and stunning. How I wish I could be present at the Olympic ceremony. In future, I will go there!

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