PP141 first semester

I only started my PP141 Microbiology for Pharmacy study yesterday around 3pm. I procrastinated for the past 3 days and I waited until the last day to do my study. Now I have 600+ slides and 12 chapters to memorize. So, I studied until 12 midnight, and I have 9 chapters to go. I slept at 1am, woke up at 2am, slept at 3am, study until 6am, I have 6 more chapters to go. I am extremely late, I have 3 more hours to exam time. 

So I quickly run through, I finished mycology in the car. I went to uni, sat at block C bence, run through classification. Then, finally I read my control of microbial, microbial growth, lab techniques. Now I am done. I glanced through the last 5 chapters in 3 hours, it’s very troublesome, I should never do last minute study again. Even though I planned my revision schedule, I am still a last minute, cramming everything in the last day, or last hour.
But, I am able to do the test quick good, I know most of the questions and I answered with all my energy. objective 20 questions, I think I can score more than 15 questions correct. I did Q2, 3, 4, 5. I left out 6 because it has two level 3 questions, one about mycology, which I just glanced through in the morning. I am very thankful, because the last 6 chapters are important, and I managed to memorize them in the last minute. Now, I have to rest, and ready for the last subject for this final. General chemistry requires me to do a lot of exercise and some memorization, this should be easier, and I should not do things last minute again. I have planned my study for coming 2 days before exam. I must stick to my revision schedule by hook or by crook, and no perfectionist, I expect too much and end up doing nothing. 

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