PP121 first semester

Today is PP121 Introductory Physiology first semester final examination. I planned to study all physiology notes in the previous three days, I even planned the timetable for each day by topics, initially I plan to study 6 topics each day, but I end up studied 3 topics for the first two days, and 13 topics for the last day. I am such a procrastinator, and I have to skim through the last 4 chapters in school. I didn’t manage to sleep yesterday.

I have to change my approach in studying, that is I have to be consistent with my study.

6.30am went to Karyee house, and I revised a chapter. Then, 8am in school, I skimmed through the last 4 chapters, luckily the 4 chapters were the old chapter, I have studied it thoroughly for quiz. 10am in the examination hall block c, fifth floor. I took my number, L7, Karyee sat at C23.

The paper is ok, I can pass and manage to do most of the questions, I think I will get 60/100 or more for this final examination. The objective questions are mostly straight forward level 1 questions, the subjective questions, I have read the sample answer giving by lecturer, the one I skimmed through at 8am…

The examination lasted for 3 hours, and I am tired and hungry, but satisfied. 1pm, karyee mum fetch us home. Now I am home. I shall prepare for PP141 Microbiology for Pharmacy. My plan is to finish all microbiology notes in 4 days, I have more time now, but microbiology may be harder than physiology. I hope I can stick to my plan, if I did follow my plan, everything will run smoothly, no chunking in the last day. Wednesday (10am) PP141 at block c, fifth floor. Go!

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