Ochado Kota Damansara

Me and Karyee went for Ochado Kota Damansara for lunch on Sunday. We usually went for lunch at Kayu Damansara or Oldtown coffee shop. But today we went for something different, Ochado, a bubble tea shop.  During our librarian duty, we took a break and head to Ochado, within walking distance from our church. We ordered two bubble tea and one small slice of cake. The cost is RM22+, the cake cost us RM10, which is quite expensive consider its small size. Karyee’s bubble tea is green tea with black pearl, and mine is fresh milk with big block of cincau. I switched my bubble tea with karyee because I do not like fresh milk. We eat until 12.10am and head back to church to finish our library duty. Library today has 32 borrowers. Then, I went back home.

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